Our Approach

The ReMake approach to projects of any size, type, or context is underpinned with four key components.

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Our Services

ReMake offers services to non-governmental, governmental, and business clients of all types and sizes that share the ReMake values. The core ingredients across all are a commitment to sustainability principles and a willingness to work collaboratively. The three service areas that ReMake Group provides include the following.


Strategy & Implementation

ReMake helps clients turn aspirations into reality by mapping out a clear path forward that engages key stakeholders and translates abstract ideas into tangible outcomes. Areas of strategy and implementation support include the following.

  • Organizational strategic planning, fund development, and governance structuring.
  • Program development and implementation.
  • Stakeholder communications and outreach.

Design & Development

ReMake works with clients to develop strong project management systems that will support project goals, improve communications and accountability, and advance the design and development of real estate projects. Project design and development services include the following.

  • Project management.
  • Owner's representation.
  • Sustainability and resiliency technical expertise.
  • Public and government relations.

Community Planning

Communities are social networks that are defined by place-based or other commonalities. Communities can range in scale from a small group of neighbors to a broad constituent connected around the world by a common purpose. At any scale, ReMake recognizes that people are at the core of community-based planning processes. Thus, defining core stakeholders is the first step in creating a planning process to better understand who will benefit or be most impacted by the plan, and who will carry it forward into implementation. ReMake typically works at a neighborhood, city, or regional scale, however, interconnected physical, ecological, and economic challenges frequently defy these political boundaries and require consideration beyond the project's scale. ReMake engages its clients and core stakeholders to design a planning process that best meets the objectives and creates a plan or strategy that is ultimately owned and used by all involved.