p4 Performance Measures

Based on a central unifying framework, the p4 initiative was launched in 2015 to create a new sustainable, innovative, and inclusive model for development and design. With a focus on the 4 "p's" - People, Planet, Place, and Performance - p4 aims to establish Pittsburgh as a "city of the future." One of several projects to advance the vision of the larger p4 initiative, the p4 Performance Measures was kicked off under a directive from Mayor Peduto to "create a quantifiable system of metrics that would inform and improve decision-making on public investments in development projects."


p4 Performance Measures

The p4 Performance Measures were developed to serve collectively as a common framework reflecting priority issues or focus areas, and an evaluation tool for the purposes of consistent and equitable assessment of real estate development projects in the City of Pittsburgh. The project strives to find a balance between setting a high bar that would inspire the creation and use of best practices, while also recognizing the current challenges of existing market conditions and development projects in the city. Developed around 12 priority focus areas for improvement, the 12 Performance Measures include: Community, Opportunity, Economy, Housing, Land, Public, Connect, Rainwater, Air, Energy, Innovation, and Design. Each Measure contains a set of metrics that together, provide a comprehensive evaluation tool for the consistent assessment of real estate development projects in the city of PIttsburgh to advance sustainable and equitable development practices.

The p4 Performance Measures document was developed through a collaborative, inclusive, and transparent process that leveraged the expertise of over 100 Pittsburgh's, including local leaders and experts (technical team members) in the 12 priority areas. The Performance Measures Committee (PMC) - formed by the Mayor's Office and The Heinz Endowments - to guided the process with ReMake Group acting as Project Manager. The p4 Performance Measures document was released in October 2016.

At the 2016 p4 Conference: A Performance Measures Break-Out Session

Held over two days on October 18 and 19, 2016, the 2nd p4 Conference included discussions and workshops by local leaders and national experts focusing on innovative, inclusive approaches to the notion of "Just Pittsburgh." The p4 Performance Measures were released a week prior to the Conference and the Break-Out Session that introduced the public to the Measures and their use. One of several Break-Out Sessions held on Day 1, the p4 Performance Measures - Equitable Development for a Just and Sustainable Pittsburgh session was facilitated by Rebecca L. Flora, with key technical team members leading table discussions on the individual Measures. As an introduction, to a complex project, the session aimed to:

  1. Provide a base understanding of the Measures and process used to develop them.
  2. Identify potential baselines and targets for each Measure.
  3. Consider the potential benefits for disadvantaged populations.

Through a presentation and exercise, the session enabled a chance for further discussion testing and feedback on the Measures that can be used in their implementation and pilot year.

Implementation of the Measures

ReMake is currently working with the City of Pittsburgh and the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh with funding from The Heinz Endowments to support implementation of the Measures.  Implementation will be phased in over 3 years.