Our Roots

ReMake Group was born out of a desire to provide service leadership to projects, processes and organizations that share our respect of the past and the vision for a sustainable future for all to come.

Our Values

While skills and knowledge are critical, they can only succeed with a working relationship and in a learning environment that is open, honest, and collaborative. Adherence to the core value of integrity is what we expect of both clients and ourselves. Throughout projects, ReMake adheres to the following set of values.


Viable, lasting, and resilient organizations and communities require diverse and adaptable ecological, built, human, cultural, and economic systems.


The journey is often more important than the end - planning processes that are inclusive, informed, and action oriented create sustainable results.


All projects are an opportunity to grow knowledge and empower clients and their stakeholders.



Open, direct, and continuous lines of communication foster trusted relationships.


Adherence to AICP's code of ethics along with project specific confidentiality and disclosure requirements ensure all work is done with integrity and respect for all.