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Remake, connecting the dots to create a sustainable future for all.

Remaking, a process whereby organizations, communities, and places are restructured, revitalized, and reinvented in a manner that respects the foundational past and reflects the existing context while transforming to meet future human, ecological, and market needs.


The Team

ReMake Group is a woman-owned and operated company with over 3o years in urban planning, community and economic development, and sustainability and resiliency strategies. With a deep commitment to sustainable development practices and the collaborative process, ReMake provides strategy development and project implementation services to a range of clients.


Our Services

ReMake Group offers services to clients of all types and sizes that share the core ReMake values - a commitment to sustainability principles and a willingness to work collaboratively. The three service areas that ReMake provides include:

  1. Strategy & Implementation
  2. Design & Development
  3. Community Planning

Our Concept

The journey of the individuals involved is what really matters. When people have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and to collaboratively learn from others, there is a sense of ownership. A belonging that leads to lasting personal transformation, which must occur before societal transformation can be successful.